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Eminent HD Media Player EM7195 Review

While the Eniment interface is customised it looks rather spartan when compared to the AC Ryan Playon! HD2 we recently reviewed.

There are however 13 ‘theme’ options to select from – above is a blue accented design, and a green tinted futuristic landscape. I didn’t really find any of the built in theme options to be a great success so I stuck with the default black screen option.

While the interface is spartan and very plain, it is very intuitive and is accessed by simple buttons along the top of the screen. By moving the arrow keys on the remote, the individual sections can be utilised. Music files, movies, TV connectivity, documents and Internet access are all gained from here, as well as access to the setup panel.

The system menu allows for resolution and audio changes as well as options to update the firmware and to format any hard drives connected. As the EM7195 can have two hard drives connected, there are options to format either of the drives.

Warnings are given before a format takes place, and as this player can record from DVB-T there are Timeshifting options also given during the format setup phase.

Web services is a growing aspect of the latest HD media player functionality and the Eminent player delivers a variety of settings to cater for many users.

Sadly we were unable to test the DVB-T support, as we couldn’t get our aerial system to cooperate fully with the player, perhaps due to our location or some other random factor.

Networking support is good as the EM7195 detected our multiple NAS systems, and WORKGROUP network, without a hitch. The menu panels might not be that clearly labelled to some users, but these are accessible from the ‘Samba’ submenu system.

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