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SteelSeries 6G V2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Rating: 9.0.

We recently took a look at Razer’s first attempt at a mechanical gaming keyboard which left us with mainly positive impressions.  Throughout our review we compared it to SteelSeries’ existing mechanical keyboard, the 7G, which has been around for a good few years now and can be found on the desks of serious gamers across the globe.

Today we are going to look at the latest addition to SteelSeries’ keyboard range, the 6G V2, which is a very slightly cut down version of the existing 7G.  Some of you may be wondering why SteelSeries are releasing a product so similar to an existing product.  Well, SteelSeries have been able to lower the price of the 6G V2, opening up all the benefits of mechanical keyboards to a wider range of gamers.

When we say that SteelSeries have cut down on the features from the 7G, most of these won’t even affect a lot of users.  In fact the only items missing are the rather unique palm rest, the USB and audio hub and a braided shielding on the cable.  Aside from these the two keyboards are basically identical.

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  • Peter

    THats a mega price, didnt know they had a new model out. braided cable doesnt seem that big a deal to me.

  • Roger

    Wow thats a really good price, especially for SS

  • Ned

    great products. cherry keyboards are sold on amazon incidentally for those interested and they are generally much cheaper, if not as attractive looking

  • Jersey_Trader

    I bought a bunch of these for our clan, great deal, and braided cables really are not that big a deal.

  • Luay

    “The magic of the 6G V2 is thanks to the Cherry MX Black switches that SteelSeries have used. These feel very different to the Cherry MX Blue switches that Razer use in their mechanical keyboards as they don’t have the same audible click.”

    This is the make it or break it deal, more so than whether it’s backlit or not. Just buy a mini lamp if you have to play in the dark. Imagine spending a fortune on the quietest cpu fans and custom cooled video cards only to miss a vaguely mentioned point in the review and buy something like the Black Widow Ultimate, which in my and many others’ opinion, is a screamer.

  • This is literally my favourite keyboard ever, the simple black and white design of it makes it look like an apple product in negative tone. I also really like how smooth the feeling of black keys is (and they’re a lot quieter than ones like blue keys), so the only thing I could say to make the keyboard better is if it was a bit cheaper (although I still paid full price for it)