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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Black Gaming Mouse and Dominator Mouse Pad Review

Rating: 8.0.

Thermaltake are a well known for producing some of the best PC cases on the market like the Level 10 we reviewed recently alongside ranges of CPU coolers and PSUs.  But recently they have been broadening their producing range to incoporate different markets such as gaming peripherals with their Tt eSPORTS range.

Today we’re going to look at the Tt eSPORTS Black gaming mouse and Dominator gaming surface. A few weeks back we looked at two eSPORTS Challenger keyboards from Thermaltake which achieved our worth buying award so we’re eager to see how the gaming mouse and surface will compare.


  • DPI : 400/800/2000/4000
  • USB data format : 16 bits
  • Max Acceleration : 50G
  • Max Speed : 90IPS
  • Report rate : 500 reports per second
  • Tuning Weight : Yes (4.5gx5)
  • On the move DPI : Yes/4 levels (400/800/2000/4000)
  • Buttons (Left / Right) : 5 million clicks
  • Cable length : 1.8 m braided
  • Feet material : Teflon
  • USB connector : Gold-plated

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  • Picnic hamper

    If its around £30 as you say Henry then thats going to be a good solid deal.

  • Joe

    Really good to see all the thermaltake reviews here, they are always so competivtely priced. frio, contact29, armor cases etc. Apart from the LEvel 10 of course :p

    This seems a good purchase, like the design too

  • Steve

    The design is great and if the price is half that of a steelseries it will sell well, even if its not quite as good.

  • Tom

    I like the looks of this. nice product again.

  • Eric K

    Great design and shape. impressed you managed to get a camera to take a picture through your hand too :p

  • Franks

    I really like this product, the shape is very appealing to me. Is it well made though? I bought a cheaper mouse last year and the cord all frayed 🙁

  • Tech Head

    Thermaltake are really improving their reputation and I think some of it is due to KitGuru helping to do really good reviews of their products. The photos are always so good here too so you can tell the chassis materials and quality. This looks like a hell of a deal if they get it sold for 30-35 quid.

  • Garry

    Any solid release date yet and this new range from them looks really impressive.

  • Mood Swinger

    great review – styling looks awesome

  • Hard Forces (DK)

    I am buying this when it is released. A full weight system for this price is incredible. it looks REALLY GOOD

  • Joseph

    I bought a frio, and an armorcase going on reviews on this site and you didnt let me down. for this price I am in the list for one of this on preorder.

  • Francois LeBon

    normally I would say ‘thermaltake take over kitguru’ but the products reviewed this weekend are brilliant. Now I need to make a forum account to win that Level 10 case !

  • Brad

    im only just after buying a new logitech mouse, but id buy this if I hadnt just spent money already. Looks like a quality piece of kit.

  • George

    Nice review and very tempting product. I am tempted but need to work out if the build is up to stratch.

  • Thermaltake Fanboy

    I want to say a BIG thanks to Kitguru for all the focus on thermaltake lately. they get overlooked and their products are SO WELL PRICED (no, i dont mean Level 10). They offer a great alternative to logitech and steelseries and razer. I am buying this for myself when its available.

  • Larry and Mo

    £32 would be amazing, if they manage it, but I think UK will get it for £40. its never a straight price conversion here 🙁

  • Tim

    I dont know, sometimes the pricing can be good here and sometimes its not (apple are known to rip off UKers for instance). I would say £35 would be a good price point to ensure high sales like the contact 29 and frio have received.

  • Gadilicious Brownnose

    The materials look very high quality. is the cord tough Henry? Those are the first things to fail for me if I dont spend a lot of money getting one with braided line.

  • David

    Well worth the price if they can get them sold for 30-40 quid. most high end gaming mice are 70-80 quid now.

  • Sachisch (RF)

    The pad has really caught my eye, more than the mouse. Shall invest when available.

  • Wise Man Of Tech

    This is a great value product, lets hope its not 60 when it hits UK like some companies do. 40 would mean a must buy imo.