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TeamGroup introduces the T-Force CK5 coolant kit and RGB LED lighting strip

When it comes to custom PC liquid cooling, enthusiasts already have hundreds of coolants to choose from. With anything from simple clear solutions to a massive range of pastel-coloured coolant options available from various companies.

TeamGroup has decided to throw its hat into the custom cooling liquid market with its brand new T-Force Coolant Kit CK5. The new coolant from TeamGroup is specially designed for its Cadera liquid-cooled SSD and for building creative full system open loops too. Along with the CK5 coolant, TeamGroup has launched an ARGB LED Uniform Strip using a 2020 LED bead to create a truly eye-catching system.

The T-Force Coolant Kit CK5 uses anti-corrosion inhibitors to prevent liquid-cooled PC components built from metals such as copper and aluminium from being prematurely corroded. It also includes materials that can be naturally decomposed by organisms, so it’s friendly to the environment. CK5 coolant kit comes with five base colours included, with blue, red, green, fluorescent green and transparent base colours, meaning users can mix colours together to create their own personalised appearance.

In addition to the CK5 kit, TeamGroup is offering a new addressable RGB LED lighting strip to complement its new coolant. The T-Force ARGB LED Uniform Strip is made from a flexible material and includes a magnetic light clip to allow users to decorate the inside of their case however they choose. Each of the 40 LEDs inside the Uniform Strip are addressable and can be controlled or configured by software to make your PC glow and impress in a unique style.

TeamGroup has not confirmed the price or availability of the new products in the UK just yet. However, we expect them to be available very soon. For more information on T-Force products head over to the official TeamGroup T-Force Gaming page.

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KitGuru says: What do you guys think to the new coolant kit from TeamGroup? Do you have a preferred coolant you always go back to or are you willing to try a new product out like this?

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