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Logitech’s latest gaming earbuds will mould to the shape of your ears

When looking for gaming audio gear, most users look at headphones and headsets. Other solutions like gaming earbuds exist, but they're far from being the standard. However, Logitech G's new gaming earbuds may have the potential to change that thanks to its feature set.

The new Logitech G Fits gaming earbuds are capable of moulding to the user's ears using Logitech's patented Lightform technology. Due to this, the Fits should be amongst the most comfortable earbuds available. At a press of a button on the Logitech G FITS mobile app, the embedded LEDs will trigger while the gel-filled tips harden to the shapes of the ears. The whole process takes about 60 seconds.

Besides allowing you to start the fitting process, the mobile app will enable you to choose between a selection of audio profiles or tune the EQ settings for the buds. Moreover, each G Fits bud has two built-in beamforming microphones for enhanced communication. Noise cancellation is limited to passive, but that should be good enough because the tips can adapt to the ear's contours, closing any gap that might interfere with your audio experience.

Other noteworthy features are the support for Bluetooth and Lightspeed. Using Bluetooth, the buds' battery can last up to 10 hours, with an additional 12 using the charging case. With Lightspeed, the battery time is reduced to seven hours (eight hours extra from the case), but the latency is significantly reduced even compared to Bluetooth's reduced latency game mode. Like other Lightspeed-supported devices, it uses a USB-A receiver (USB-A to USB-C adapter included).

Available in white and black, the new Logitech G Fits will be in North America in October for $229.

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KitGuru says: The biggest problem for the vast majority of wireless gaming earbuds is latency. However, considering the G Fits support Lightspeed connectivity, that won't likely be an issue.

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