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Corsair Vengeance K90 MMO Gaming Keyboard Review

It is clear from a glance that the Vengeance K90 is a premium product. Corsair have used a combination of brushed aluminium black plastic in the construction of the K90 which gives it a sleek, professional visage. While this product is designed for gamers, it certainly wouldn’t look out of place on an office desk.

Rather than surround the keys with the keyboard tray, Corsair have opted for a different approach. The keys themselves appear to float over the aluminium keyboard tray to which the mechanical switches are mounted. This gives it a unique appearance and, combined with the blue LED key backlighting, makes for a very attractive design.

As we have experienced in the past with Corsair products, build quality cannot be faulted on any level and the materials used in construction appear to be of the best possible quality. The aluminium keyboard tray gives the K90 a great deal of rigidity and gives the product a very solid feel. It doesn’t quite match the indestructible feeling of the SteelSeries 7G, though.

While the basic layout of the K90 is more or less standard, Corsair have accessorised it with a series of supplementary buttons. In the top right hand corner of the board we find a limited selection of media controls. There are five buttons altogether including play/pause, forward and back, stop and mute located alongside a volume roller switch.

There are also a few supplementary buttons along the top edge of the keyboard which control some of the extra features the K90 boasts over a regular keyboard. In the top left corner we find a button to record macros on the fly alongside three buttons to switch between the macro profiles. Further along the top of the keyboard, there are two further buttons which control the LED lighting level and the windows button lock.

Over on the left hand side of the keyboard, Corsair has included an array of 18 macro buttons which can be individually configured using the included software package. These aren’t ideally placed for easy access and they aren’t backlit like the other keys so it can sometimes be quite difficult to find the right one in low light conditions.

Corsair include a wrist rest with the K90 which clips onto the bottom edge of the keyboard which can be secured into place using two screws if required. It also has a soft-touch finish which looks and feels great.

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