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Ctrl-Alt-Delete to be replaced in Windows 8

Electronista have filed a report on the upcoming range of Windows 8 tablets. They have got a hold of the hardware requirements document which details some of the conditions for Windows 8 tablets.

They say “Every slate will need at least a 1366×768 display with five-point multi-touch, ruling out the cheaper displays used on some Windows 7 tablets,” Electronista reports. “In a symbolic change of the times, the company will also require that the familiar Ctrl-Alt-Delete shortcut for managing logins and the OS be replaced with a Windows Key-plus-power command instead.”

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer with some Windows tablets

They add “Tablets will have no more than five buttons beyond any keyboard they might have, including the Windows Key and basic volume, power, and rotation controls. They will also need UEFI firmware where it’s optional on the desktop, at least a 720p camera, and a host of sensors for movement and light. At least Bluetooth 4.0 and one “exposed” USB 2.0 port will be present…”

You can read more over here.

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