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Enermax Briskie Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Bundle Review

Rating: 7.5.

Kitguru spends a lot of time looking at the latest and greatest gaming peripherals on the market and seeing how they can improve our gaming experience. We do however spend less time looking at more ‘mainstream’ products which appeal to a wider audience and fall within the budget constraints of a much wider audience.

Enermax are well known in the enthusiast market for their quality power supplies, high-end cases and flashy fans. But they also produce a range of peripherals targeted at the mainstream market.

Today we are going to look at the Enermax Briskie Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle which is designed to accompany a mainstream home PC.



  • Wireless – 2.4Ghz radio frequency (RF) technology with up to 10 meters operating range.
  • Nano receiver – Tiny and decent receiver which can be stored at the bottom of the mouse during transport
  • Automatic Wireless Synchronization – Instant connection with the PC without inconvenient driver installation (Plug & Play).
  • Power Saving Management- In case of inactivity, the devices will switch to Deep Sleep Mode in order to save batteries’ energy.
  • Low Battery Indicator – Red LED indicator on both devices shows low battery state.

Briskie Keyboard

  • Spill-Resistance – The tough case avoids accidental damage by liquid spill or cleaning.
  • Membrane Key Stroke Technology – Smooth and silent key stroke with up to 10 million key strokes lifetime.
  • Adjustable 2-level Height – To meet individual needs of users.
  • Volume Control – Two functional keys to directly adjust the volume.
  • Slim and Compact Design – Flat and thin profile for comfortable and effortless typing and a time-less appearance

Briskie Mouse

  • Full Control – Ergonomic shape for perfect grip, comfortable and exact control
  • Adjustable Resolution – Button on the top to adjust the mouse resolution (800/1000/1200/1600dpi) in order to match users’ needs.
  • Ambidextrous Design – Supports both, left-handed as well as right-handed, control.
  • Receiver Bracket – The nano receiver can be stored at the bottom of the mouse for easy portability.

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  • Rufus B

    Yeah ive seen reviews on other sites, its such a dull product.

    I understand its a budget product, but it does their name no good whatsoever and I cant imagine their profit margins are high at all. if they are selling it for £16. they are making it for under £5. For a mouse and keyboard? the quality will never be good.

    Weirdest move ive seen them make in their history.

  • Yorkie

    Wish I had read this review before I bought it. Got it for £18 in UK and I think its terrible. Not sure what I was thinking for the price, but I wouldnt recommend the product at all. My space bar is also sticking already, in the space of two weeks. will probably just bin it.

  • Lester

    Looks nice for the money, but they cant budget anything into the quality of the product at this price. id reckon some cheap chinese knockoff are building these for $5. How can you create a good keyboard and mouse at that price? Why not create something half decent for £35? whats the point of this? bet the keyboard switches wont last either.

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