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Could you help Apple spend their $90 billion cash reserves?

Conference attendees wanted to know what Apple are going to do with their $90 billion cash reserves, according to Venturebeat.

At the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook was asked why Apple haven’t taking the usual moves of buying back stock or issuing a dividend to shareholders. Investors are happy with the stock price, but they want a payout.

Cook said that Apple are hotly debating how to best spend the money they have made. He announced “I only ask for a bit of patience so we can do this in a deliberate way and do it in a way that’s best for shareholders, We’re judicious, we’re deliberate, we spend our money like its our last penny … We’re not going to go have a toga party or do something outlandish.”

Tim Cook Apple CEO: tough job, but someone has to do it.

No toga party for Apple? not much of a headline story there Tim.

Cook has said that they have spent money on areas so they can make even more money. They have apparently spent billions of dollars on the supply chain, acquisitions, retail, intellectual property and the company infrastructure.

Kitguru says: How to spend $90 billion dollars? Any suggestions?

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