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CES 2017: MSI laptops to get Cherry MX Speed Silver switches

MSI is set to become the world’s first hardware manufacturer to add Cherry MX RGB Speed Silver switches to its gaming laptops. The lower profile switches should offer high-end mechanical keyboard function, in the much more compact notebook platform.

Although there have been laptops in the past which managed to cram mechanical switches into the keyboard, that did have the downside that it added quite considerably to the thickness of the laptop – which is something most manufacturers avoid like the plague. It’s not something that is quite as bothersome in a gaming laptop, but using Silver Speed switches should give the best of both worlds.


At several millimetres shallower than their traditional counterparts, the Speed Silver switches should be low profile enough to maintain the streamlined nature of a gaming laptop, whilst providing high-end mechanical performance.

MSI is claiming this as a world’s first, suggesting that nobody has put these switches in a gaming laptop before. That may be the case for now, but if it proves a successful initiative, you know others will be jumping on the bandwagon in short order.


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KitGuru Says: I like the MSI marketing there. Unique and pro suggests there’s only one professional, but then hardware marketing has a history of being a little silly with its wording. 

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