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GooBang Doo ET-8178 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The GooBang Doo arrived in a basic brown cardboard box with a line drawing of the product on the outside, along with a basic features list. This is fine for internet orders, but wouldn’t compete for your attention on the shelf in a specialist retail store.


GooBang puts effort into getting you to notice that they opted to integrate blue switches, but these are not from Cherry. Instead, they chose Outemu. Taking a photo of this name, in raised clear plastic, written in microscopic font, was fun. Human fingernails have been left in (below) for size comparison (you’ll need to click on the pic if you want to see what we saw). You are supplied with 5 spare switches – plus the tools of extraction – should you feel the need to swap out in the future.


The package contents itself is the very definition of minimalistic, but everything you need should be contained within. There is no specific driver. RGB modes are changed using pre-programmed key sequences. We were unable to locate a ‘spare’ online – so we recommend you keep your instruction sheet somewhere very safe.

The keyboard itself is black and simple. Compared to other products we’ve seen recently, (we’re thinking specifically about the Patriot Viper v770), the GooBang Doo offers no ‘added extras’ like wrist rests or media trays. That said, at the time of going to press, the GooBang Doo is 60% cheaper – so there’s a strong element of ‘You get what you pay for’.

The overall construction of the GooBang Doo is strong, if unremarkable.



The entire board is finished with a matt black paint job. The reverse is also black, with some ‘gamer graphics’ either side of the manufacturer label. The this keyboard stands are a little fiddly to open – but non-LAN gamers will probably only open/close these once.

The keys are slightly concave and the rows are also arced ergonomically. Keys pop off easily to reveal the blue switches. This process is made easy with the supplied tool, so cleaning will be hassle-free.

We asked GooBang HQ about the 5 spare switches and were told that these are always the most common fail-point on keyboards, so they supplied extras in order to extend the product’s life and make sure customers stay happy. Which was nice.

The cable that comes already fitted into the ET-8178 is black and smooth with a standard USB connector.



There are certain lighting set-ups available and these can be accessed using specific key-combinations, as per the tiny instruction sheet.

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