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Thermaltake ESports Challenger & Challenger Pro Keyboards review

Rating: 8.0.

KitGuru has been very impressed with Thermaltake this year, their product range keeps getting stronger. We have reviewed a plethora of their products in the last couple of months, such as the very capable 775w PSU, The Contact 29 and Frio Coolers and the cost effective Armor A60 Chassis. They have all excelled within their specific classes enough to earn awards.

Today we are branching our range of Thermaltake reviews into the gaming sector with reviews of their latest Challenger and Challenger Pro Keyboards – these products are no run of the mill keyboards however as they are being used in the Finals of the World Cyber Games. This means they will be coming under some serious scrutiny by the gaming masses. Both keyboards are supplied with memory onboard to store macro configurations.

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  • Ronin McDougle

    Very interesting review thanks Zardon. looking forward to seeing the prices.

  • Eric K

    my brother would love the lit keyboard, that looks quite wicked. not my thing though 🙂

    Good review thanks,

  • Terry

    Very good review, quite funny in parts also, thanks for your hard work.

  • Chaos

    interesting to see Tt take a new direction

  • Bob

    Some of that photography was great in this review, not often I say that.

    I like the ordinary board more, all those lights irritate me, but I guess gamers at night might like them. I never look at the keyboard when gaming however!

  • Stefan

    On my new ipad here and the site is perfect on it good job !

    Oh yes the keyboards. They look good, but not for me personally. I am not a hardcore enough gamer to need a hand fan, I would love to know how many people buy this just for the fan to try it out? 20%? anyone else?

  • Lucas Neil

    Hahah, a hand fan, seriously Thermaltake, WTF!

    Its inventive thats for sure, all we need now is a cup holder and a pizza cutter and we are ready to frag!

  • Brad

    Well those are interesting. loved the testing page, gave me a right ole chuckle 😉

  • Flo

    Without pricing info its hard to nkow if they are good value, but if the lit board is 60 quid and as good as zardon says, seems a good buy

  • Steve

    Very good review, nice pictures and text was well written as always.

    Im interested to know why Thermaltake are suddently releasing so many great products, they were never so good in the past? Company management changeover?

  • very good looking products from thermaltake, nice to see more competition emerging in this sector. I think we will start to see more like these from Thermaltake in the future. The company has been very active in trying to appeal to a much more educated audience lately which we like.

  • bob

    I agree zardon, its always good to see more competition arising in markets like this. its a problem with the graphics card sector, with only two big players, its not as well priced as it could be.

  • dlb

    Great keyboards, great review! However, on the bottom of page 4, it looks like the black ‘up arrow’ key is broken in the pic with the red ‘down arrow’ and the red ‘left arrow’ key changed to red . . . what’s up with that?

  • dlb

    ooooops – I meant to say “right arrow” instead of “left arrow” – I’ve had couple beers, so sue me! LOL

  • Tony

    One thing not mentioned was whether the keyboards were audibly clicky if so how loud?