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Thermaltake MEKA Mechanical Keyboard Review

Rating: 8.0.

Thermaltake have had great success with their range of TT eSPORTS gaming keyboards, with the MEKA G1 earning many awards worldwide. It is a tasty product on paper, incorporating a beautiful finish with fast response time, USB 2.0 inputs and high grade mechanical keys.

Today we are looking at the MEKA ‘Non G’ keyboard which is a streamlined, lower cost version without the wrist support and some of the secondary functionality. It does however feature the mechanical switches, USB ports and a numerical keyboard section.

Keyboard features:

  • Up to 1000hz polling rate. 8x quicker than regular gaming keyboard. Never lag for action gaming.
  • Cherry Black switch. The switch preferred by most gamers and has a life expectancy for up to 50 million key strokes.
  • USB Hubs. Provide gamers the convenience of quick USB device installation.
  • Braided cable to prevent tangle wire and provide extra flexibility.
  • Gold plated USB connectors: Prove reliable data or signal transmission.
  • Smart cable management to protect keyboard from damage of improper force.
  • Gold plated USB connectors. Provide reliable data or signal transmission

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  • Yuri

    £80? wow thats a lot of cash for a mini keyboard design. think id rather go for the razor one, even if it is a little extra.

  • Iopotic

    Its overpriced for what it is, sorry.

  • Peter

    Well at least someone agrees with me. MX black cherry switches are the worst feel in their whole range,

  • Francist56t56t

    Shame it has lost all the audio connectors etc.

  • tommy

    I like it.

    However I wouldnt buy it.

    This is for a clan member who wants a small, capable gaming board.

    For £80 I want something full size. the latest razer with blue switches seems the best typing keyboard. or DAS.

  • Rek

    £67.99 Free delivery @play.com

  • Hakuren

    Too expensive, pointless red LEDs, right shift is tiny, lack separate Ins, Home, PgUp/PgDn,End block. Working for ages on SFF keyboards. This one have a lot of design flaws. And price is completely prohibitive for what it is.

  • A bit expensive for what it is, but I don’t understand these guys saying MX Cherry Blacks are terrible? They’re soooooo smooth.