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GScreen Spacebook: Dual 17 inch screen laptop

If you like a lot of screen real estate then this latest machine might just make your next shortlist. Kitguru reader Ponni sent us information on a new machine which is going to ship with not one, but two 17.3 inch screens.

The Gscreen Spacebook is currently only available for pre-order in America, available in two configurations. Both of them are currently being offered for 50% off, at $2,395 and $2,795 respectively.

The cheaper model features dual 1920×1080 screens, with a Core i5 560m 2.66ghz processor and 4GB of 1333mhz DDR3 memory. It ships with an Nvidia GTS 250M which has 1GB of memory. Storage is supplied from a 500GB 7,200 rpm hard drive. The more expensive model has the same core components, but ships with a Core i7 740QM and doubles the memory count to 8GB.

The website has only a single picture of the machine which is currently eye catching. Both of them weigh 10 pounds which in UK terms is 4.5kg. Not something you will be carrying around with you on a daily basis, thats for sure. We would love to see the chassis from a variety of angles, but for now this will have to do.

We sent a message to ask if the company are willing to ship outside the States, but have yet to receive an answer back from their sales department. We would assume it is possible, but expensive.

Kitguru says: Dual 17 inch screens. Does it appeal to you designers and photographers, for serious work based duties in hotel rooms?

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