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Tt eSPORTS MEKA G Unit Gaming Keyboard Review

Rating: 8.5.

The gaming market has been thriving in 2011 thanks to a steady release of quality products from Razer, Steelseries and Thermaltake. Today we are looking at the new Tt eSPORTS MEKA G Unit Gaming Keyboard which is targeted at the FPS, RTS and MMORPG audience.

In a similar fashion to the MEKA keyboard which we reviewed in July, the MEKA G Unit is supplied with quality Cherry MX Black switches which deliver a ‘normal’ noise level and a life expectancy of over 50 million keystrokes.

Cherry Mechanical switches are some of the best available today and the Black switches have a travel distance of 3.6 mm. If you have never used a mechanical keyboard before then the changeover will be dramatic. The technology is superior to anything on the market.

The MEKA G Unit keyboard is supplied with 2 USB hubs to support other devices, and there is an advanced anti ghosting function, meaning that 46 keys can be pressed anywhere on the board without interference. It also features a 1000hz polling rate, which is ‘8’ times faster than a regular board. This is to improve problems with lag.

The keyboard has illuminated sections with brightness control, a large 64kb memory buffer for saving configurations from over 20 macro keys. With the Instant Switch System in place, gamers can access all 60 macro keys in one simple profile.

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  • Olin

    I am a member of a clan, and I like the black switches, but I havent tried the blue cherry switches yet. my friend has a cherry keyboard with the brown switches and I like them more. I do type a lot also and I agree with reviewers opinions. I dont understand why black is the ‘gamers choice’. I know some say that rapid key pressing is better, but I tried this out myself and I dont understand why it would be. It doesnt make a difference.

    It would be a great idea of gaming companies would offer more choice. maybe have a coloured sticker on the front for the switches used and offer more ethan one choice. but it might be costly for the company involved as three different vresions would need to be made.

  • Frank

    I like it. shame they dont allow a setting for full backlighting.

  • Thomas

    Yeah nice looking keyboard, but its very expensive, or am I just poor ? 🙁

    I have an older microsoft keyboard and I want to upgrade, but my budget is £50. this is going to be twice my budget. I shall aim lower !

  • Gana

    It looks well made and ill shortlist it. hopefully our local store gets one in to play with.

  • Larry

    I like the real clicky keys myself, good for typing. ill have to check out the DAS keyboard.

  • Olin

    These keyboards cost so much money, maybe im just skint, but once it hits £60 I start backing away.

  • Darkdriver

    I can’t believe that it is not fully backlighted. I am sure there is somewhere a setting or you don’t had the final driver version as it is not on the market yet. Doesn’t make sence to light up only the view key on which you have always your fingers while gaming.

  • Procupine14

    Honestly, I have used a Keyboard with Cherry MX blacks and I didn’t really like it for typing or gaming. I’m a lot faster at rapid key presses on my Razer BlackWidow that runs Cherry MX blues. I realize that the key press happens about half way down on the blue versus the black that happens at the bottom but, honestly I have gotten used to rapid key pressing by holding the key very close to the actuation point and just moving it that tiny bit up and down. Works well for me. This definitely wouldn’t be for me as the backlighting isn’t across the whole keyboard. I feel like that is a shoddy half attempt at backlighting if the whole thing doesn’t light up.

    I mean come on, as gamers, most of us probably know where WASD is just by habit. The rest of the keys on the other hand….. ;-P

  • Helder

    I would really like to see a version with full backlight and Cherry Mx Brown.

  • RaihanR

    I’ve got a Meka and I like it, but one of the keys has a slight squeak, is that a warranty job?