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Template Monster survey explorers browser habits

The stunning simplicity of working with Template Monster product reminds you of first time you saw sliced bread, round wheels or the Facebook. The idea is so obvious that it is painful. Smart folks develop thousands of working web site templates and then make them available for a handful of dollars. Genius. They've just finished an in-depth analysis of Microsoft browser use. Here are the results.

Any survey that receives more than 1,000 verified replies is telling you something. Template Monster has received closer to 1,200 full-on replies and – according to their expert columnist Lilian Rigo, the results seem pretty clear.

The movement of Explorer users to new versions is very strong


The split between users who would consider a browser upgrade in the next 6 months and those who were happy to stay where they are – split almost exactly in half.

If you are one of the 2% of Microsoft browser users who wants to do more for version 6, then we can suggest support sites like this.

Ah yes, the golden days of Internet Explorer 6.

KitGuru says: Off the back of this survey, looks like Template Monster has decided to cut support for Internet Explorer 6 from future releases. Seems perfectly reasonable thing to do. Technology is all about pushing forward – looking to create and use the latest and best products available. Upgrades are a necessary part of the process. More power to them.

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