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This is the spirit of Multiplay i43

Rolling with the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, KitGuru has just spent a hot chocolate pondering how many words a video might be worth. Why the hot chocolate, you might ask. British summertime, we might reply.

While the guys at Pro Class TV will be producing a lot of programmes on the Insomnia events going forward, we felt it was important that the first one released into the wild came from the boss himself, Multiplay Managing Director,  Craig Fletcher.

Craig Stewart (right) hands over yet another MONSTER cheque to the winners at i43

Roll the clock back around 20 years and Craig had his head buried in text books, cramming and planning for a golden career as a doctor – possibly a surgeon.

Imagine his parents delight when he decided instead to go into gaming. Oh joy.

But, as luck and hard work would have it – the change in career plan turned out for the best and Multiplay is now the premier gaming service provider in the UK (and most of the known world).

If you imagine LAN gaming events as slow, boring occurrences where no one has any fun and the atmosphere is dead…  think again. This is Multiplay i43 and it’s probably way different from what you’d expect.

KitGuru says: If you have ever played a game, then you have wanted to win. We can tell you, for a fact, that there is no greater thrill than winning in the heat of battle, against an opponent that’s so close you can reach out and touch them – surrounded by thousands of people who all know EXACTLY what your victory means and how you feel. Roll on November and i44: The Great Winter LAN!

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