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Cooler Master’s latest keyboard implements pressure sensitive Cherry MX keys

During CES in January, Cooler Master gave us a sneak preview of the new keyboards set to come out this year. The MK850 is the most exciting of the bunch, featuring pressure sensitive ‘Aimpad' technology. Now, the MK850 is ready for its time in the spotlight, with the keyboard launching this month.

The MK850 is described as the “world's first mechanical keyboard, using Cherry MX switches, capable of sensing exactly how far down you press the key”. This is intended to add additional control, although we don't yet know how much in-game support this will get. Aimpad is precision control technology, similarly to what you would find in an Xbox game pad, where how far you push the analogue stick determines movement speed.

One example Cooler Master gives is that in driving games, Aimpad can be used to make smoother turns, or to ease in to curves by only pressing the key in a little, rather than bottoming it out.

Aside from the Aimpad keys, the MK850 is shaping up to be a good keyboard all around, even if the pressure sensitivity doesn't interest you. The key switches are Cherry MX with 4mm of key travel. There is a removable wrist rest for additional comfort, programmable scroll wheels for extra functions and five dedicated macro keys.

There is a full suite of media control function keys, RGB lighting and the frame is aluminium, so you get a premium finish all around. The Cooler Master MK850 is going to be one of the more expensive gaming keyboards available though, with UK pre-orders starting at £209.99.

KitGuru Says: Given how Aimpad works, the Cherry MX switches here should be a linear variety, like Reds. Still, this is really cool technology that I would be interested in trying out. 

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