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Microsoft’s Elite controller finally has a release date

Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Elite controller finally has a release date. The new peripheral, which was announced back at E3 and is touted as one of the most customizable controllers currently available, was announced back at E3 and was previously scheduled to launch in September, though that has now been pushed back to late October.

The controller will now launch on the 27th of October and those wanting to pick one up will have to lay down $150/£119.99. The package comes with six separate thumb sticks in three different styles, you can go with concave or convex tips and even have varying heights.


There will also be separate D-pads included, which will be good for those who like to play a lot of fighting games. Finally, there will also be different paddle buttons, which attach to the back of the controller and can be programmed to any function. In-fact, the entire controller can be tweaked within software, so you can re-map any action to something else on the controller.

Aside from that, the controller is built using stainless steel for a premium finish, you can lock the triggers for less travel distance and you can set up two different profiles on the controller itself, which can be flipped with a switch on the back.

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KitGuru Says: When Amazon accidentally listed this controller for around £70 I tried to pre-order one but unfortunately, those orders all got cancelled a week or two later. As cool as the controller looks, £120 is a pretty big ask, though I know plenty of people who will spend a similar amount on a mouse or a keyboard. What do you all think of the Elite controller? Would you pick one up?

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