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Razer’s Android gamepad is now available

Razer continues its step in to the world of Android gaming with the Razer Serval, the peripheral maker's new controller for smartphone games. The controller looks similar to Razer's Xbox controllers in many ways, which isn't a bad thing, if there is one thing Razer really excels at, it's appealing design.

The Razer Serval connects via micro-USB or Bluetooth 3.0 if you want to use it wirelessly with a tablet or even Razer's new Android console, the Forge TV, which will soon have access to the Ouya store, which contains around 1000 games.


The controller was designed with Forge TV use in mind but it is also perfect for smartphone use thanks to the mounting clip for phones, giving it a feel similar to the original hand-held Nvidia Shield. The Razer Serval comes at a price though, the Android controller costs $80 in the US and £74.99 here in the UK. It is still quite a bit cheaper than Microsoft's upcoming Elite controller.

Those wanting to use the Razer Serval will need a device running Android 4.2 or higher.

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KitGuru Says: Smartphones have plenty of games that would work better with a physical controller rather than on-screen buttons, though I'm not sure how serious gamers are about mobile games. Do you think the Serval is worth the £75 price tag to have better controls for mobile games. 

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