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Razer is shutting down Ouya

A few years ago, there was a big push to bring Android into the living room as a competitive console offering. This resulted in a few different products, including Ouya, the MadCatz Mojo (which used the Ouya store) and the Razer Forge TV. Razer acquired Ouya back in 2015 and …

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Razer’s Android gamepad is now available

Razer continues its step in to the world of Android gaming with the Razer Serval, the peripheral maker's new controller for smartphone games. The controller looks similar to Razer's Xbox controllers in many ways, which isn't a bad thing, if there is one thing Razer really excels at, it's appealing …

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It looks like Razer went ahead and bought Ouya

Update: Last week, we got wind of rumours suggesting that Razer might be interested in buying out Ouya, the company behind the Kickstarted Android console that failed to garner commercial success. Now, it seems that Razer may have taken the plunge and quietly acquired the struggling device maker. At this present …

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