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It looks like Razer went ahead and bought Ouya

Update: Last week, we got wind of rumours suggesting that Razer might be interested in buying out Ouya, the company behind the Kickstarted Android console that failed to garner commercial success. Now, it seems that Razer may have taken the plunge and quietly acquired the struggling device maker. At this present time, neither company has sent out a press release to confirm this information but according to Investment Bank, Mesa Global, the deal has been done.

It is worth noting that the listing on the site has since been pulled but there is a screenshot floating around:


The interesting thing about this is that Razer already has its own Android console in the form of the Forge TV. It is currently not known if Razer will continue to sell the Ouya or allow the company to operate independently. It is possible that Ouya held patents that Razer wanted access to, which is always worth considering when tech companies buy eachother out.

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KitGuru Says: Nothing is confirmed just yet but hopefully we will get some official word soon. You can find the original story going over the initial buyout rumours below.

Original Story: A short while back, we got news that OUYA was looking to be acquired in one last effort to save itself from sinking entirely. Now, according to new reports, apparently Razer is in talks to buy out the company, with a deal currently being discussed, although nothing is finalized just yet.

Part of the talks involve Razer taking on all of OUYA's staff, meaning nobody will necessarily be out of a job. According to CNET, OUYA is currently branding itself to potential acquires as an accessible, inexpensive Android console with an established library of games.


The OUYA launched back in 2013 following a successful crowd funding run on Kickstarter, during which the company raised $8.6 million. Despite its initial success though, the console failed to gain any traction and did not manage to garner many sales.

The interesting thing about Razer possibly buying OUYA is that the company already has its own Android console device, having revealed it at CES and released it very recently. It would be interesting to see what Razer would do with a failing company like OUYA.

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KitGuru Says: Razer is just one of the big names being thrown around for an OUYA acquisition. However, the brand is essentially tainted at this point and it is unlikely to make any form of meaningful resurgence. Do you think Razer could save Ouya? Would it be a waste of money?

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