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We finally have some Star Wars Battlefront gameplay

The day has finally come, EA has quit it with the cinematic trailers and the developer diaries, bringing us the first gameplay for Star Wars Battlefront. The first video shows off five minutes of PS4 multiplayer footage taking place on Hoth with 40 players in total in the match.

The footage is all shown in 60 frames per second so we can assume that the game will run at that frame rate on the PS4 and Xbox One, just like in the Battlefield games. In the gameplay we can see the use of jet packs, switching first person and third person views and even hero characters, confirming that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will be available.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXU5k4U8x20′]

Battlefront Screenshot

The game mode being shown off is known as ‘Walker Assault’, featuring X-Wings, Tie fighters, Imperial Walkers and hero characters.

Unfortunately, aside from that nothing else was announced. The game is coming out on the 17th of November this year, one week after Fallout 4. There is currently no premium membership announced, which you could take as an encouraging sign but there is still plenty of time for extra announcements leading up to release.

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KitGuru Says: Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t have a campaign so what you see in the multiplayer is pretty much what you get. Although, that five minute trailer was just one game mode, there will likely be a few more along with other maps and hero characters. What did you guys think of the Battlefront gameplay reveal? 

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