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TV vendors to significantly discount 4K UHD TVs on Black Friday

It is not a secret that select vendors in the U.S. already offer ultra-high-definition 4K televisions at below $1000 price-point. By contrast, well-known brands have so far managed to maintain premium price on their UHD TVs. However, this Black Friday (28th of November, 2014) even big companies will have to offer significant discounts on 4K TVs.

Vendors like Seiki and Vizio have been offering sub-$1000 ultra-high-definitions (3840*2160 resolution) 50” televisions for several months now and will likely offer certain discounts on Black Friday as well. According to a report from China Times (which was partly translated by DigiTimes), this Black Friday Samsung Electronics will offer 50” Ultra HD TVs starting from $1298 and LG Electronics will offer their 50” UHD models starting from $1399.


Last year neither Samsung nor LG Electronics offered significant discounts on Ultra HD televisions on Black Friday.

It should be noted that while low-cost 4K Ultra HD TVs from vendors like Seiki or Vizio were designed to be inexpensive, 4K UHD offerings from LG and Samsung were designed as premium-class solutions and therefore offer better functionality, better image processing and quality as well as other features of advanced televisions.

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KitGuru Says: While the lack of content will keep UHD generally unpopular for quite a while, it is evident that even large vendors can now offer discount 4K TVs.

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