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Samsung unveils the first mass production OLED TV

Samsung has just announced the first OLED television set that is ready for mass production. While OLED displays are best known for being at home in Samsung's smartphones, they are now stepping up to the big time, 55 inches across with a Full HD resolution. At the Samsung Premium TV Showcase the ES9500 was unveiled with unprecedented picture quality and according to Samsung the colours are 20% richer than traditional LED TVs.

Samsung's 55 inch OLED TV is ready for mass production

It doesn't end there though, while much of it is typical marketing talk, the OLED TV also incorporates a currently unmatched feature; a dual view function. This means that two very different people can watch their favourite TV shows, on the same display, at the same time, all in Full HD. As you might expect this is done using 3D glasses and this is how sound is delivered to the viewer as well.

The 55 inch OLED display should be noticeably better for movies as a OLED display is comprised of self-emitting light pixels. If you want a black picture, you get a truly black picture. As well as having very fast response times and refresh rates. As you might expect the usual Smart Content feature is there.

There is no mention of any availability date but one would guess it is going into mass production very soon and will be launched before the setting of the year.

Update (9am): Pricing for the OLED TV is reportedly due to be “over 10 million won”, or roughly £5500. It is set to launch in South Korea in the second half of the year.

KitGuru says: So who else hopes their television breaks a leg (literally) the day the Samsung E9500 launches?

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