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Samsung’s E Ink, LCD mashup coming in 2013

Imagine a display that offers much of the readability in sunlight and battery life of today’s E Ink displays yet also offers refresh rates and colours equivalent to LCDs currently available, thanks to Samsung and Liquavista that dream will soon become much more than a dream.

Following Samsung’s acquisition of Liquavista last year many have been anticipating their electrowetting display (EWD) technology. This awesome new technology will soon be making its way into e-readers starting next year according to reports.

Electrowetting display technology will bring in the best of both E Ink and LCD displays

According to creator’s claims EWD technology is more than 90% compatible with the current manufacturing process for LCDs, making it fairly easy for Samsung to start producing the displays hopefully by the end of the year. The technology could also eventually be scaled to TVs and laptops but will at first focus on smaller devices such as mobile phones, cameras and e-readers.

Kitguru says: I, like many others can’t wait for EWD technology to hit the market; the displays will be flexible as well!

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