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LG 3840×2160 84 inch HDTV to showcase at CES

For those of you not happy with the current batch of 1080p televisions, the upcoming release from LG of the ‘ultra definition’ 3840×2160 84 inch model will be sure to tick all the right boxes.

LG are set to showcase the panel at CES in Las Vegas early in 2012 and they are calling it the world’s first ‘ultra definition’ 3D display. The screen has almost 4,000 pixels stretched horizontally across the screen with 8 million pixels, or four times the density of current screen technology.

LG's new 84 inch Ultra Definition television. Cute lady not included.

Wired add “So why hype the horizontal measurement? After all, 720p and 1080p displays are named according to the number of pixels they boast vertically. Simple: 4K sounds vastly larger than 2K, and because 4K screens can be viewed at a number of different aspect ratios, the horizontal number of pixels stays constant, while the vertical counts will vary.

4K is an emerging technology, and for now you’ll be hard-pressed to actually find 4K video content. However, the tech is useful for 3-D playback because Cinema 3-D technology and passive 3-D glasses end up lowering the resolution of what’s onscreen. Thus, the extra resolution of 4K ensures the viewer still enjoys a true HD experience, at the very least.”

The new LG screen will also have a setting called ‘3D Depth Control’ which will let the end user toggle the 3D effect to suit individual tastes.

Kitguru says: Pricing has yet to be announced, but you can bet it will cost a small fortune. Time to hit the credit card.

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