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Samsung promise a ‘portrait rotating’ television

CES is quickly turning into a showcase event for new television sets and Samsung have released a ‘teaser’ image for an upcoming set which is sure to cause much debate among the enthusiast audience.

Samsung TV which can 'rotate into portrait' mode

The image above was released by the company to show the portrait mode, useful for internet users who want an alternative way to view some webpages. We aren’t so sure it makes sense for a television set however as all content is shot in a variation of the 16:9 widescreen format.

The teaser image also shows that the screen appears to be semi translucent. We aren’t sure why this would make sense either, although Samsung have highlighted some semi transparent displays in the past for use on a billboard. Philips experienced popularity for their screens which shipped with ‘ambient’ backlighting, but this would take that concept to a completely new level.

Kitguru says: We have no information from the company as yet, but it certainly seems one of the more bewildering announcements in the New Year.

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  • So, what is the type of it?
    Already October 2013, now.

    btw. for 16:9 format, it’s seemed not quite ideal for portrait mode, looked too skinny pictures.