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AOC G2590PX 24.5in 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

The AOC G2590PX comes in relatively sober box considering its gaming orientation.

Inside is the usual array of cables, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and an upstream wire for the USB hub. There’s also a minijack cable for routing audio.

The power supply is built into the monitor, so there’s just a regular kettle lead for that.

The design of the G2590PX is quite sober, with the lower bezel strip and a hole in the stand the only flashes of colour in a sea of black. However, the bezel is extremely thin on the left, right and up top, which is very stylish. This is a good-looking screen. A pair of 2W speakers are hidden on the back of the panel.

The G2590PX swivels on its stand 45 degrees in either direction. You can tilt it 3.5 degrees forward and 19.5 degrees backward. It can be raised and lowered across a 130mm range, and at its top height you can swivel it into portrait mode. Alternatively, you can take it off its stand completely and use a standard VESA mount.

All the audio-visual ports are in a line on the left-hand side. There are two HDMI 1.4 ports, but neither support HDMI 2.0. The single DisplayPort supports version 1.2. Then there’s a legacy VGA port and audio minijacks for routing analog audio and outputting digital audio to speakers.

The USB ports are directly on the rear of the unit, with three standard USB 3.0 and one USB 3.0 with Fast Charge. It’s strange that the upstream port is above these, however, as the cable will then get in the way when you’re trying to plug devices into the downstream ports. We’d also prefer at least some of these ports round the side for easier access.

The OSD is controlled entirely with a joystick round the back. There’s a knack to using this – mostly revolving around remembering which direction does what, but once you’ve got this locked into memory, the joystick isn’t too hard to operate.

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