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LG debuts 84in Ultra HD 4k TV

LG has today shown off its new Ultra Definition Television (UDTV) set for the first time. Featuring a display resolution of 3840 × 2160 and an 84in span from diagonal corner to corner, making this the company’s biggest TV set to date.

UDTV is one of the new high resolution standards being touted by many companies, representing a big increase in detail over traditional High Definition (1920×1080). Of course there’s very few media sources that are available for such a high resolution screen, making the suspected $20,000 (£12,600) price tag seem even higher. However, increasing visual detail in movies is likely to be the direction the industry moves, since there already exists a form factor more detailed than this one. 8k UDTV can deliver resolutions up to 7680 × 4320, equalling IMAX theatres in its levels of clarity.

Forget the TV, imagine how much fun it is to play in the giant box it comes in?

We’re not quite there yet, but this new TV debuted by LG represents a significant stepping stone and one of the most highly detailed televisions available today. It’s also giant. To put that 82in measurement in perspective, that’s almost 7ft corner to corner.

It’s not quite on sale yet however, expected to become available for purchase across the US, Asia and Europe some time in September.

KitGuru Says: It would be pretty interesting to see what standard definition and HD movies look like on this new display, since that’s what the majority of content that will be watched on it will be. By the time UDTV becomes a standard for broadcast – HD is barely there yet – we’ll be well beyond the technology used in this thing. For early adopters and braggers with deep pockets only.

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