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AMD HD7770 & HD7750 Roundup: Sapphire, XFX and HIS

The graphics market in 2012 is extremely competitive and the price/performance battle between Nvidia and AMD shows no signs of slowing down. AMD have recently adjusted their Cape Verde HD7700 series to offer increased performance while reducing the price. The new hardware ‘update’ is set to target the gamer on a budget – priced between £70 and £80. Today we are looking at a handful of the latest cards from AMD partners Sapphire, XFX and HIS.

AMD sent us two of their reference HD7750 cards and although we will include Crossfire results today, we won’t be focusing on these cards. When possible we prefer to detail the products you can buy and luckily we have plenty of partner cards at hand.

The ‘new’ AMD HD7750 reference boards are clocked now at 900mhz, with a memory speed of 1,125mhz (4.5Gbps effective). The Cape Verde core is manufactured on the 28nm process. This card has 1GB of GDDR5 memory which is connected by a 128 bit interface. It has 16 ROPs and 512 shaders.

Not the most powerful configuration for gaming, but with the reduced prices it should offer good value for money. Let’s take a look at the partner cards in the roundup today.

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  • Doleon

    Wow, that Sapphire card is really good. I had imagined I would get a prodigy case later this year and get a small video card for it ,just for video acceleration and image quality.

    This looks the card to get.

  • Jj

    I admit, you got me there.

    i was expecting the HIS or XFX to win this, but you focused on EXACTLY the right points. power consumption, noise, size, lack of power connector etc.

    Great job from sapphire, exactly what i need for my system, im using onboard and it sucks so badly for HD video. people dont understand the IQ differences between Intel on a CPU and a dedicated AMD card like this. its night and day. especially for colours and noise reduction options in the panel.

  • Harry

    A HD7770 or GTX460 is more than enough, even today, for 1080p gaming. people get a false idea that a 7970 or 690 is ‘needed’. those are three screen solutions now. save the money, pick up one of these cards, classic little cost effective beasts.

  • Denna

    Not sure im a big fan of these cards, but the sapphire model makes sense. im still wanting the 660, just trying to make sure I dont cripple myself for next month as I need to eat too.

  • Sven

    Some good overclocks, but I agree, why did they reduce the shaders from 800? typical fing stupid AMD at times. they could be doing so much better if they had people making decisions who understood the gamers.

  • Davis

    I like the HIS card best im afraid, if they hit £99.99 count me in for my second system.

  • Darth Digglers

    These aren’t good enough for 1080p gaming, I want 60 fps, sorry. but good pricing now for people without the cash for a £200 card,. thats the sweet spot.

  • Stevie

    Am I missing something?

    They are releasing ‘new’ 7750’s at 900mhz+? havent they been out for months already? you guys reviewed many.

    bonkers AMD move. just drop the price, dont re-release them with bios updates. seems XFX were left out of the loop. Nice black reference edition :p

  • Manucuna

    I bought a Sapphire flex 6770 flex from the last generation and its still good. I dont use AA and I have my system into a 37 inch tv. runs well.

    Dont get sucked into the hype of needing 120fps for gaming, its bollocks.

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