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70% of enthusiasts would choose a 30″ TFT under £500

In KitGuru’s most recent survey, a whopping 70% of readers said that they would go and buy a 30″ TFT panel (2560×1600) at the end of the month if the price was less than £500. That’s a HUGE amount of sales. Why are the panel guys ignoring it?

KitGuru is sure that no illegal activity has happened and that there cannot possibly be any kind of collusion or price-fixing. However, you really have to wonder why the price of a 30″ panel is still over £1,100 – and has remained in that space for more than 5 years, while the price of the panels around 26″ has dropped and dropped and dropped.

Nope. Nothing wrong there. We’re sure of that.

Wheels within wheels. KitGuru's final fantasy would be a 30" panel for £499.

Before running our poll, KitGuru wondered if the reason why there are no more 2650×1600 panels available, was because there was no demand (insert tongue in cheek – leave it there).

The reality is that 70% of you would buy a 30″ panel at the end of the month IF the price dropped below £500. How much below varies, but you get the gist.

Pay close attention, we’re going to hit you with some maths.

KitGuru hits up to 450,000 UK-based enthusiasts a month. If you guys buy a screen just once every 3 years, then that’s 150,000 screens a year. Instead of saying that 70% of these people would go with a 30″ panel, let’s say that half the people would choose a screen bigger than 22″. Then let’s say that 70% of those would decide to spend an extra £300 for the bigger/better screen.

Wild speculation, we’re sure, but if KitGuru is right then the maths makes for serious reading for any monitor company.

450,000 / 3 = 150,000 / 2 = 75,000 x 70% = 52500 x £300 = £15.75m (or $24.57m in new money).

One day, there will be affordable screens for all

KitGuru says: Post-2008, which company is rich enough to ignore that kind of revenue?   With a profit of around 20% that’s more than £3 million ready to be added to the bottom line.

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