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144Hz monitor market almost doubled in 2016, Asus remains top seller

At the end of last year, we learned that Asus had managed to snap up around 40 percent of the gaming monitor market in 2015 thanks to the success of its ROG Swift line of monitors. This year, the gaming monitor market got very competitive with companies like Acer and BenQ rising up but as it turns out, Asus has managed to hold on to its top spot in 2016.

A report from DigiTimes this week has analysed the market share of gaming monitor vendors throughout 2016, discovering that things have gotten pretty aggressive when it comes to 144Hz monitors. Asus, Acer and BenQ appear to be the largest competitors, with Asus holding 35 percent of the market, followed by BenQ at around 24 percent, with Acer following with around 19 percent of the market.


Back in 2015, around 120 million LCD monitors were shipped and we are told to expect a similar tally for 2016. However, it looks like in 2016 there has been a larger volume of 144Hz monitors shipped. In 2015, 144Hz monitor shipments sat around 550,000 to 600,000 units but this year that will rise to 1.2 million, so high-refresh rate gaming has grown quite a bit.

Right now, the most popular monitor size still appears to be 21.5-inches but this is followed closely by 23-24-inch monitors. Curved monitors still aren't super popular and have not seen significant growth this year but may see a jump next year. Speaking of which, as we edge closer to 2017, vendors are expecting to see gaming monitor shipments rise to as much as 2.5 million units and may reach 3.5 million in 2018.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like a lot of people have been making the jump to higher refresh rates this year compared to 2015 and similarly to last year, Asus appears to be the most popular choice. Have any of you picked up a new monitor in 2016? Which one did you go with?

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