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MSI aims to impress with new QD-OLED gaming monitors

OLED gaming monitors are finally becoming more common across the market and MSI is at the forefront with its QD-OLED line-up. This month, MSI is introducing two more OLED displays, with ultra-low response times and high refresh rates.

It has taken a long time for OLED to make its way to the PC market, in part due to the risk of burn-in from static images. To combat this, MSI OLED Care 2.0 uses a passive cooling solution to keep the panel from getting too hot, as well as features such as Pixel Shift and Panel Protect to refresh the pixels on the display. You can set these features up to happen at regular intervals to reduce the possibility of burn-in as much as possible over the monitor's lifespan.

The two new QD-OLED gaming monitors hitting the market this month are the MAG 341CQP QD-OLED and the MPG 491CQP QD-OLED. Both models come standard with 0.03ms GTG response time and 144Hz refresh rate. The MAG 341CQP QD-OLED is equipped with a 34” UWQHD QD-OLED 1800R curved panel while the MPG 491CQP QD-OLED is equipped with a 49” DQHD QD-OLED 1800R curved panel.

Both models sport VESA ClearMR 9000 and DisplayHDR True Black 400 certification, so you'll get great image clarity and colour depth. You also get two HDMI 2.1 ports with full 48Gbps bandwidth, making them ideal not just for PC gaming, but for 120Hz support with the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 as well. As you would expect, these monitors also offer Variable Refresh Rate, so you won't have to deal with screen tearing.

Both of these monitors will be available starting this month. In 2024, MSI will have more OLED goodness on the way, teasing new 4K and QHD OLED displays with refresh rates up to 360Hz. We expect to see these at CES next year.

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