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AOC launches AGON-Series premium gaming monitor

This week, AOC is taking on the high-end monitor market with its new monitor, the AG271QX AGON gaming monitor, featuring a 2560×1440 resolution as well as the 144Hz refresh rate that many gamers crave. It’s even got adaptive sync technology equipped, so it’s shaping up too be quite the performer. …

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Asus shows off two new MG-series 4K monitors

Yesterday we reported that Asus managed to nab 40 percent of the gaming monitor market in 2015 and now this week, Asus has shown off some of its 2016 offerings in the form of the MG-series 4K displays. The first is the 28-inch MG28UQ with super-fast 1ms response time to …

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AOC unveils 35″ ultra-wide curved FreeSync 160Hz

AOC lifted the curtain on its latest gaming monitor today and it sounds very impressive, with a massive 35-inch curved panel running a 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio and a massive 160Hz refresh rate coupled with FreeSync for the gaming crowd. The star of the show here is the curve, which …

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Nvidia is working to fix G-Sync bug causing high power draw

Nvidia has acknowledged a bug currently affecting some GTX cards running G-Sync on high refresh rate displays. The bug seems to be causing higher than normal clock speeds, power draw and temperatures while idling in Windows while using G-Sync and a 144Hz monitor. For those who don’t know, G-Sync is …

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AOC to release 144Hz G-Sync monitor next month

AOC is set to release a new “high end” gaming monitor next month, featuring Nvidia’s G-Sync technology coupled with a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. These three features should eliminate screen tearing as well as any possible ghosting effects. The AOC press release says: “The g2460Pg redraws the …

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AOC making 4K gaming doable with new display

The decision has been made by the display industry. The next big tech trend to get us to buy an upgraded version of what we already have isn’t 3D and it’s not VR (not yet anyway), but 4K. However, the age old problem of getting the cost of these displays …

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