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We may see FreeSync technology come to TVs

Since launch, variable refresh rate technologies like FreeSync and G-Sync have gone on to become staple features for PC gamers, removing things like screen tearing while making games feel smoother by letting the GPU control the monitor's refresh rate so that it matches your frame rate. However, there are plenty of gamers that prefer to play on a large TV. Unfortunately, these don't tend to support variable refresh rates but it looks like that could change according to AMD.

During an interview with TomsHardware, AMD Senior VP, Raja Koduri was asked about the possibility of FreeSync on TVs, to which he replied: “We are definitely working with the entire display community on getting FreeSync to more places. I think this is something we should follow up…on what we can share at this point on FreeSync TVs”. From the sounds of it, FreeSync on TVs is something AMD is at least exploring behind the scenes, so perhaps we will hear more on that front at some point.


FreeSync is a technology that AMD has heavily marketed, especially since it is open-source and freely implementable. The only thing required is an up to spec DisplayPort connection, which is something we rarely get on TVs. If we could get FreeSync on TVs, then it could not only improve PC gaming on the big

If we could get FreeSync on TVs, then it could not only improve PC gaming on the big screen, but if consoles implemented DisplayPort, it would give console game devs much more freedom with their frame rate targets.

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KitGuru Says: Since owning a G-Sync monitor, I have found it difficult to go back to non-variable refresh rate displays. Not only would this tech help PC gamers who prefer gaming on a TV, but it could also help push console games in a better direction. Nothing is confirmed for now though, but it does sound like AMD is having some talks behind the scenes about it.

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