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LG focus on OLED tech for big screen TV’s

LG have said that they are not going to develop Organic Light Emitting Diode Displays (OLED) for smaller portable devices.

Kown Young Soo, the chief executive of LG Display said in a meeting with reporters last week “Samsung is misleading the market because OLED displays are not suitable in terms of picture quality, response time, energy consumption and contrast ratios for smartphones and tablets.”

Kwon added that LG will place more focus on investing in OLED displays for bigger televisions. He said that LG Display might release a 55 inch OLED TV set in the second half of 2012.

Interestingly, he added that more smartphone manufacturers will release new models using LG’s ‘Retina Display’, which has already been used in iPhones.

LG OLED: image courtesy Engadget

His statements come after reports that LG are working with Apple on a Retina display specifically designed for the upcoming iPad 3.

Samsung have already been working on OLED technology, such as that seen in the Galaxy S. They are talking about releasing OLED laptops later this year.

OLED displays are more advanced that a standard LCD screen, because they do not need a backlight to function, meaning battery life can be improved and the screens can be made thinner. The contrast levels are very high, offering rich colours and deeper blacks. Sadly, they are still rather expensive to develop however as they can be contaminated due to the use of organic materials.

Kitguru says: The prices will need to drop substantial before sales figures can improve.

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