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Sony to release 2D/3D head mounted display w/ surround sound

Sony are set to release the new ‘Head Mounted Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T1’ later this year in Japan. From the product’s demo in CES this year to full availability, it will be sure to appeal to a wide audience, however it ain’t going to be cheap.

The HMZ T1 has two 720p OLED screens which can offer 3D and surround sound. Kotaku report that Sony had to measure people’s heads to get the viewing angle just right and there were also complaints of the device slipping from position. We would assume both of these initial problems will be fixed before release.

Kotaku say “It is slick-looking, and kudos to Sony for taking something that so obviously screams PROTOTYPE and putting it on sale. Doing so harks back to the Sony of yore, the company that would develop techy, impressive hardware that didn’t always make sense as a consumer product and wasn’t necessarily a hit, but you were glad that Sony produced it anyway. This is the company that used to make and sell robotic dogs.”

The price has yet to be confirmed, but so far sources have claimed a ¥60,000 (US$784) cost. We would assume this will translate to around £650 UK. Quite a lot of cash.


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