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AOC I2757FM 27inch Pro IPS LED Monitor Review

We tested the AOC I2757FM 27″ Pro IPS LED via a high end Core i7 Precision laptop featuring Quadro 4000m discrete graphics and a desktop system powered with a HD7970 graphics card.

We measured Gamut out of the box and the screen returned a 96.8% figure of the sRGB gamut, which is slightly better than some of the recent IPS screens we have looked at. After calibration the screen returned a 97.5% figure.

Colour response across the panel was above average and surprisingly good considering the modest price point. Our hardware recorded a cast around 1.0%  on the red channel. Contrast is very good and there is plenty of detail in both dark and light areas of the image.

Viewing angles are very good horizontally with little colour shift and loss of brightness. Vertical viewing angles are not quite as impressive – there is colour shift noticeable with minor off screen positioning.
Black Definition is above average, with moderate shift in the corners, extending up the length of the panel vertically. This is noticeable if you pay attention when watching bluray discs with a lot of night scenes. We noticed it when watching some Sci-Fi films. The outer edges recorded up to 19% shift dropping to around 7% in the centre.

Pooling is generally not that noticeable, especially when using the monitor for general PC duties. The LED backlighting is very even and one of the screens most commendable assets.
White purity was pretty good, recording a maximum 12% in the corners of the panel. The central area registered around 5-7% which is very good for this class.

High definition media with plenty of bright outdoor scenes were very vibrant and clean when viewed on the AOC I2757FM 27″ Pro IPS panel.

We tested a wide variety of games with the screen, including (but not limited to), Crysis 3, Far Cry 3 and Tomb Raider. I didn’t notice any artifacting during fast motion games which was reassuring. The company rate the screen at 5ms grey to grey, which seems accurate in our tests.

The internal speakers are very weak and produce a tinny sound, not that we would expect anything else to be perfectly honest. Still, the onboard sound may prove useful to some working in an office environment and needing basic operating system audio.
power consumption
The AOC I2757FM required 37 watts at the socket after our calibration, which is a very positive result.

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