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ASUS VG278HE 27” 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

Rating: 7.0.

Today we are looking at the latest 27 inch monitor from ASUS, the VG278HE  – which sports a 1080p resolution, nVidia 3D Vision support and a whopping 144hz refresh rate for super smooth 3D gaming. This is an expensive screen, but can it deliver the goods?

We have reviewed many ASUS monitors in the last couple of years and I have found the quality of their screens can vary significantly. Their ProArt range has consistently scored well in our tests, but I haven’t been impressed with many of their less expensive panels that we have reviewed.

The VG278HE 27” inch screen is primarily designed for gamers and features an LED backlit LCD panel capable of a 144hz refresh rate, which adds 24 frames per second to the 120hz display output. While many purists will immediately be put off by this additional processing, ASUS claim it will make 3D gaming look smoother.

The VG278HE 27” uses a TN film panel with a 1920×1080  resolution and boasts a 2ms (GTG) response time. It has full support for Nvidia 3D Vision 2. Display inputs include a dual link DVI, which is needed for this high refresh rate, even at the modest 1080p resolution. The monitor also includes 6W stereo speakers.

Product Features

  • Response Time:2 ms
  • Vertical Viewing Angle:160
  • Brightness:300 cd/m2
  • Features:HDCP, ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, Skin-Tone Selection, Trace Free Technology, ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR), ASUS Splendid Video Preset Mode, NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology, Advanced Dual-Side LCD Driving Technology
  • Flicker-free 3D Images with NVIDIA 3D Vision 2
  • NVIDIA 3D LightBoost Technology
  • 144Hz Rapid Refresh Rate with 2ms Response Time
  • Advanced Dual-Side LCD Driving Technology
  • Splendid Video Intelligence Technology

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  • Xtreme

    Ive never been impressed with a 3D gaming monitor outside of 3D gaming. they always seem to have poor backlighting consistenty

  • Alastair

    3d monitors suck, I have yet to see one I would use for everything, not just gaming.

  • Manucuna

    Yeah im not a big fan of 3D monitors either, waste of cash.

  • Joseph

    I wouldnt say they were a waste of cash, they just have to make a lot of compromises at times to get the 3D working well. Even the high end 3D televisions have many weaknesses, unless you opt for a full backlit version, rather than edge lit, but they cost twice as much. OLED will transform this industry when the price comes down.

  • Jana

    OLED is still some time away in the mainstream – still expensive. I agree it would make the whole industry wake up to better quality screens.

  • Neo

    A bit of confusion here. The “extra” processing is in the video card. 72 fps is easy to do and requires 144 Hz input to do 3D. GPUs can easily do over 60 fps in 2D and dropping down to 60 fps to sync with a limited refresh rate of 120 Hz is a bit of a trade off. The additional frames are not the extra 24 Hz of refresh bandwidth but the 16 frames that match the magic number for motion fusion. Hope this helps.

  • Vaughan

    I’ve yet to see a reviewer (or gamer) apart from me and my friends that actually notice why else you would be a 120hz or 144hz monitor….. SMOOTHNESS.

    I don’t use and I actually hate 3D but 120+ hz is smooth as silk, you notice the jerkyness of a 60hz monitor after using a 120hz monitor in 2d mode wow…. I would never go back. EVERYONE seems to miss that point?

  • Johnathon

    First off, the monitor is not intended for Photo Editing. This is made obvious by all reviewers except for this one. 2nd, the audience for gaming is much bigger than you think. And most people buying this monitor are not going to use the 3d function. We are more interested in the FPS and lack of tracers when firing your weapon etc which is why it is a gaming Monitor. If you are doing photo editing then this is not the monitor for you. I love mine and it was worth the upgrade. I was using a 60hz 24″ Dell ultrasharp so i definitely saw an improvement since my Dell Monitor is about 8 years old.

  • lololol

    for heavy gamers like myself and many others, this is a essential peace in improving your gameplay, because with a powerfull pc, and this monitor, you can turn V-sync on and be locked at 120FPS or 144FPS and for ppl that don’t know what that brings, its an incredible smooth/fluid movement tracking, and that means you can aim ALOT better, and all small movements will be more noticeable simply because, there will be no lost frames and no screen tear. if thats not apealing to you, then well, don’t buy this monitor, but I can leave without it.