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Dell U3011 Ultrasharp Monitor Review

Rating: 9.0.

Dell have always had a reputation for creating some of the finest monitors on the market. While they do make a wide array of panels for the mass market audience, they have always focused on the high end technology. Their U2410 has received a lot of critical acclaim, earning a top award on KitGuru, and they have also recently released the U2711, a 27 inch panel which features IPS technology.

Both of these panels offer 10 bit colour depth capabilities, helping to target the discerning graphic design industry. Today we are looking at the latest U3011 panel, the class leading 30 inch screen with all the bells and whistles.

The U3011 is a 2560×1600 resolution screen featuring H-IPS technology, it also has a 102% NTSC colour gamut and is capable of displaying 1.07 billion colours from the 10 bit panel design.

Standard Features

  • High-performance features and connectivity
  • 2560×1600 Resolution. Your PC must have a dual-link DVI-D compatible graphics card that supports this resolution
  • IPS (in-plane switching) technology for minimal color deviation across a wide viewing angle
  • Latest connectivity options, including HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D, USB ports and a 7-in-1 media card reader

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Its an MVA LCD panel that has double the contrast of rival IPS models but is it any good?

  • Tim

    All I can say is simple ‘I wish’. green with envy for those people lucky enough to have one of these screens 🙁


    I already have one of these screens and I was stunned to find that my box was opened before I got it. I didnt order from dell, but one of the many dodgy dealers on ebay. it is worth paying extra to order from someone like Amazon. but as the article says, DONT buy from Dell, they are more expensive than anyone else.

    Great screen however, I love it to death.

  • Bill

    MY only concern is the price. its not just related to dell, but why would anyone spend £1,200 on a 30 inch screen when you can get three 24 inch or even 27 inch for a fraction of the price? logically they are a rip off.

  • Googles Bitch

    I bought the U2410 last year and I love it. this is a bigger/better version. but its 3 times the price. id rather thave three U2410s !

  • Ned

    Damn. I need a cold shower now. Do we get a discount if we order two from amazon ? :p

  • Francis

    I understood about 40% of the review, but yeah it looks good. but it would need to be. I didnt even spend £1200 on my car, never mind a screen. 🙂

  • Les

    One of the finest screens in its price range. Hard to believe that other companies make more expensive models too.

    Ultimate gaming screen imo.

  • Thomas

    This is the kind of product that everyone wants to own. me included.

  • Nhan Hoang

    I am doing photography and graphic design. I felt in love with this DELL U3011 monitor the first time I heard about it. I finally got it a few days ago. So far so good, I absolutely love it.