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Philips 248X3LFH LightFrame Monitor Review

Above, LightFrame set to ‘off’. You will notice how the translucent material looks almost black in a dimly lit room. The button to control this is second from the right.

Above, LightFrame set to setting ‘3’ (brightest).

The input button switches between the three output connectors on the rear, VGA and the two HDMI ports.

The onscreen menus are very easy to read, with white text placed on black panels. The SmartImage panel is a quick way to switch between various pre configured settings.

There are also picture options to help enhance and tune the image.

I found the best image was when all of these were disabled, but more on that later.

LightFrame settings can also be controlled from the main menu system, although it is slightly more clunky to control here. Input options can also be configured in this menu system.

The Audio settings can be controlled here, if you have a pair of powered external speakers hooked into the Philips 248X3LFH. Color temperature settings are also available within a dedicated menu panel.

Multi languages options are available. OSD settings can be fine tuned, including time out and transparency options.

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