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Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P4QPYKES 24″ LED Monitor Review

The Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P4QPYKES arrives in a plain brown box, which can be easily lifted with one arm. With the box it weighs just under 9kg and measures 605mm x 442mm x 252 mm.

The bundle includes a user manual, driver disc and various cables, including a DVI, USB, audio and power cable.

We normally don’t comment on the packaging of a monitor, but Philips really do deserve some credit in this case. The stand ships assembled and rests on top of Styrofoam, between panel and stand. This is a completely tool-less stand which is a great idea.

The monitor is protected between two pieces of Styrofoam and the panel itself measures 565mm x 352 mm x 55 mm. Without the stand it weighs only 4.2kg.

The stand snaps into place and can be removed by simply pushing a button on the back of the chassis. Not a single screw is required for assembly. The stand increases the weight to 5.9kg.

The Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P4QPYKES 24 inch LED monitor is quite attractive, although I would have preferred a plain black fascia, rather than silver. Sadly I think it looks a little like a budget monitor due to the finish.

The stand is a chunky design which supports the monitor well.

The stand can be adjusted between a range of 130mm. You simply pull up or push down to raise and lower the height level.

The stand can pivot throughout a 90 degree radius and can swivel between -65/+65 degree and tilt between -5/20 degrees. It really is one of the best stands I have seen in recent years.

At the rear of the screen on the left there is a power socket and audio in socket. On the right side is a DisplayPort, DVI port and VGA port. I personally would have preferred Phillips omitted the VGA port and replaced it with an HDMI port.

Along the bottom of the screen is a headphone jack – which will be welcomed by many.

The power switch for the Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P4QPYKES is on the rear of the screen, and is actually quite easy to miss.

Along the top of the screen is the ‘ErgoSensor’ which is an intelligent display that can advise you how to sit in an ergonomically correct position at your computer screen. ErgoSensor advises users on how to sit in an ergonomic position at the computer with a corrective feedback on optimal viewing distance, ergonomic neck angle and a time break advice. It also saves up to 80% energy consumption if user is not present on the seat by powering off the monitor.

Along the bottom of the screen is the headphone jack which has a symbol visible from the front. At the right is the main control panel for the onscreen display, which we will look at in more detail shortly.

In the middle is a power on light which is white – very attractive.

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