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Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P4QPYKES 24″ LED Monitor Review

The Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P4QPYKES is a very capable 24 inch monitor which will appeal to a wide audience who want an upgrade from a basic TN panel.

The general consensus on image quality is positive. The Brilliance P-Line 241P4QPYKES is able to resolve significant detail from fine text and it displays a well saturated image with strong vibrant colours and very little gradient banding. It is a great choice for a photo editor on a budget, able to deliver punchy, appealing images with high definition bluray discs.

While black definition was excellent I found the white purity to be slightly worse than I expected – partially related to a disappointing brightness level. This means that some images set in very bright outdoor environments can look slightly murky and less than clean.

It might not be that big of an issue for some people, but I noticed it mainly in the corners, with a few sections of pooling in the central area.

Viewing angles are slightly disappointing and I don’t really like the appearance of the unit either. While it is well built and the stand is fantastic, it does look a little like a budget model.

Currently the Philips Brilliance P-Line 241P4QPYKES can be picked up from Ebuyer for £265 inc vat. Overall, I feel this screen deserves a ‘WORTH CONSIDERING’ award. There is a lot of competition at this price point and while I do like this screen there are plenty of excellent alternatives around the £300 point.

If you are looking for an inexpensive monitor for photo editing and want to lower your electricity footprint then this definitely deserves a shortlist.


  • The tool less stand is fantastic.
  • image quality.
  • Excellent colour saturation.
  • Black levels.
  • Low power demand.


  • brightness is lacking.
  • white purity is not great.

Kitguru says: A good all round monitor facing stiff competition in the £250-£300 price sector.

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Rating: 7.5.

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