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Mad Katz preps production of left handed mice for perverts

Looking around the game-related stands at Dennis Publishing's London International Technology Show at the Excel Centre, we noticed an aberration.  The problem is that some of these gaming people are complete perverts. Really out there. What are we talking about?  Well, it's that horrific affliction that no one dare talk about openly… Left handedness!

Speaking with spies at the event, it seems that Mad Catz is getting close to launching a left-handed version of the Cyborg R.A.T. mouse – and it could be ready for left handed stockings come Xmas.

The team at the  peripherals manufacturer, which also makes the Rock Band video game instruments and Triton headsets, promises Kit Guru that they’re “getting there”.

The most amazing thing about left-handed gamers is that, under normal conditions, they look just like everyone else. Scary stuff.

Rachel Gordon, marketing manager for Mad Catz revealed she herself is a leftie and that like most people she’s learned to make do with using a standard, right handed mouse. But soon, the left-handed will no longer be left behind.

The Cyborg R.A.T. series are quite possibly the strangest looking computer mice out there. Rachel also revealed that the acronym R.A.T. doesn’t actually stand for anything. She said, “It can mean what you want it to mean.” Like, um, Right Angry Togs? Really Arty Turnip? You decide!

Using multi-million dollar computer aided design technology, we have mocked-up the left handed version for you

KitGuru says: Roll on support for our left-handed brethren.

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