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PCTV’s Maryann Porter suffers Stig Bugatti treatment

When Dennis Publishing set up the London International Technology Show, they knew that there would be a huge variation in the effort made by the various exhibitors when it comes to ‘What do we do with the stand space now we have paid for it'.

By far and away the most expensive piece of kit in the room was a world-class simulator [Stimulator? – Ed]. Pro Class TV's intrepid reporter, Maryann, went for a spin and, well, got heavily spun.

We'll bring you a blow-by-blow video of the poor girl being thrown from pillar to post, but – for now – here's a little preview of what this ride's all about.

Pro Class TV's roving reporter, Maryann Porter, gets shot for your benefit

Simulators are expensive. Really expensive. Like ‘price of everything else in the room, added together, and you are still no where close' expensive.

When it's the Top Gear Stig Simulator – then you're into a world of pain and expense. Not least of which comes from the fact that you needed Bugatti to lend you a Veyron in the first place – just so you could create the ride.

Until 4pm on Sunday 23rd October, you can pop down to the Excel Centre (Docklands Light Railway makes this easy), pay a measly fiver, and have the ride of your life.

The simulator itself is stunning. Glorious. Shiny. Oh so very shiny.

And it's BIG.  Big enough for 17 people to join you in a ride of extremes and suffering that you're not likely to get from a home PC gaming session anytime soon.

Saying that you need to be ‘3 and above' surely needs checking – this thing is VERY scary!   Maybe '13 and above' would be more appropriate.

"The Stig's nuffink mate, not fit to lick my boots" replaced by "OMG. Just, OMG" in just a few short minutes.


KitGuru says: Maryann's debilitating experience can be yours for £5 if you pop along to the Excel today. Let us know if you managed to overcome the Stig without losing your breakfast/lunch/dinner.

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