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Corsair Vengeance M90 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

While the Vengeance M90 may not be quite as visually striking as the K90 keyboard, there are some obvious similarities in the design of the products.  It wouldn’t be practical to produce a mouse entirely constructed from brushed aluminum as it would be far too heavy, so Corsair have reserved it for the base of the mouse only.  The main body of the mouse is constructed from black plastic which sits atop this aluminum base.

We are very impressed with the quality of the materials Corsair have used in the construction of this mouse.  The plastics are high quality and the metal base gives it a quality feeling that isn’t rivaled by many mice out there on the market.  The overall fit and finish is up to the high standard that we have experienced with the rest of the Vengeance gaming peripheral range.

Corsair have chosen to cover the main body with rubberised paint which feels great in the hand and helps to improve grip on the mouse.  There is also a slight alcove recessed into the left hand side of the mouse so you can grip it effectively with your thumb.

The nine programmable macro buttons have been carefully located around this alcove so they can be accessed readily with your thumb.  It’s clear that Corsair have put a lot of thought into the arrangement of these buttons as they can all be easily identified and activated accurately with different parts of your thumb.  The buttons themselves provide quite a lot of resistance which prevents them from being activated accidentally.

Moving on to the left and right mouse buttons, Corsair have weighted the buttons so they can be clicked effortlessly, but they won’t activate accidentally.  Unfortunately, the mouse-wheel isn’t quite up to the same standard.  We found that the rolling action was very loose, causing some inaccuracy when scrolling through weapons in game.  We also found that the click function of the mouse-wheel required too much force to depress, greatly reducing the speed with which we could activate it.

Corsair have used a cloth braiding on the mouse cable which should greatly improve its longevity.  The have also attached a strap to help when traveling to LAN events.  The cable terminates in a single silver-plated USB connector.

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