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Roccat Kone XTD 8200 DPI Gaming Mouse Review

Roccat has managed to create one of the most attractive (in our opinion) mice on the market by combining a large physical size with an elegantly curved body shape. Appearance isn’t the only aspect that has benefited from the sizeable dimensions either – the Kone XTD fits perfectly in even the largest of users’ hands with both the claw and palm-rest grip.

A sideways-sloping gradient situated towards the Kone XTD’s front edge creates a comfortable mount for one’s index finger to lie upon. The right click button is intelligently allowed to extend slightly past its neighbour – perfect for ensuring that the longer middle finger isn’t given too much of an uncomfortable overhang.

Roccat’s symbolic feline creature is imprinted upon the rear edge of the company’s flagship product. The XTD letters also make a boasting appearance. Unfortunately, neither of the imprints features any type of LED lighting system – perhaps this is being a little picky, but the Kone XTD is Roccat’s flagship mouse, after all.

A pair of directional buttons is located above a somewhat more subtle branding feature on the mouse’s left side. By default, the forwards-pointing buttons is responsible for ‘page forwards’ operations, while the backwards-pointing input controls the Kone XTD’s Easy-Shift[+] feature. Should you be slightly more conservative with your initial button configuration (like this editor), a simple change in the software allows the backwards button to transfer to ‘page backwards’ operations.

Slanting inwards from the wide rear end, 2 channels located on either side of the Roccat Kone XTD create appropriate locations in which unused fingers and one’s thumb can comfortably sit until required.

Conforming to the specifications of the past flagship – Kone[+] – mouse, the Kone XTD also makes use of a 4 direction scroll wheel known as the ‘Titan Wheel’. As with the other 7 mouse buttons, the input functions are user-definable.

Another conveniently-positioned and perfectly-reachable button is situated in front of the Titan Wheel. By default, this button operates as the ‘Windows’ key – launching the start menu upon application.

Removing a circular plastic cover provides access to the Kone XTD’s 4-bay weight compartment. Any combination of the 4x 5g cylindrical weights can be installed at any one time to change the mouse’s movement attributes and general feel.

3 friction-reducing surfaces, one of which spans the entirety of the Kone XTD’s rear, are located on the mouse’s underbelly along with the 8200 DPI Pro-Aim Sensor R3.

A high quality, 1.8m braided cable feeds directly into a standard USB 2.0 port.

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