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SpeedLink Ledos Gaming Mouse Review

SpeedLink has gone ‘back to basics' with the Ledos gaming mouse, it incorporates an optical sensor that offers a sensible level of DPI and an easy to use ambidextrous design but that does mean some sacrifices. This mouse doesn't come with any software, which means you can't reprogram the buttons or set up different profiles.

This won't be a deal breaker for everyone though, after all not everyone will make use of all the features that most modern gaming mice pack in these days so keep your usage habits in mind if you are looking to get this mouse. I know that I personally do not make use of a lot of the in-depth features of more expensive gaming mice when I'm not in review mode.

So can a ‘no thrills' gaming mouse still do the job? Well with the Ledos has the deck stacked in its favour – 3,000 DPI might not be the highest in the world but in my personal use I have often found around 2400 DPI to offer the perfect level of sensitivity. On top of that, the ambidextrous design means both left and right handed people can use it.

I have found the Ledos gaming mouse to be very comfortable to use. The rubberized finish adds to the overall feel and makes it easy to grip properly without your fingers slipping around.

There are three major features that will be most important to gamers, the first of which is the optical sensor, which offers four different DPI levels: 500, 1250, 2000 and 3000. Due to the lack of software, this means I can't hit 2400 DPI, which to me is the sweet spot. That said, I did not find settling for 2000 DPI to be that bothersome. On top of that, there is not a DPI indicator on the mouse, which seems like a fairly significant oversight. Despite that, I found the sensor tracking to be accurate and smooth with no issues in regular use.

The second big feature is the so-called ‘Rapid-Fire' button. This is an additional button that performs a double-click once pressed … resulting in a slightly faster rate of fire. For right-handed users, this can be a difficult one to press and can take some getting used to. However, I understand why it is there as placing both action buttons on one side of the mouse would alienate left-handed users.

The final headlining feature here is the sniper button, which essentially lowers DPI for a short amount of time to give you a better chance of lining up a good shot. Obviously, this feature is aimed squarely at first-person shooter players and while I do enjoy a few rounds of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive every now and then, I am not much of a sniper so I didn't find that this button did much for my accuracy. However, those who take their sniping more seriously may appreciate it greatly.

While the Ledos gaming mouse is comfortable to use and performs as well as you would expect, there is one more thing that I think could be improved and that is the scroll wheel. It just feels a bit weak and mushy, which is a shame since the rest of the buttons on the mouse have such a good tactile feeling to them.

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