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NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse Review

Rating: 7.0.

Back in 2008, NZXT released the Avatar gaming mouse featuring an ambidextrous design. As with all of NZXT’s PC accessories, ‘Avatar’ was designed to provide gamers with an advantage over their competitors. Move forward to summer of 2011 and NZXT has released the Avatar S, the successor to the original Avatar Gaming mouse.

DPI Switching:

The NZXT Avatar S features on-the-fly hardware DPI switching, by holding the left side button and scrolling up or down. The DPI includes three level (1600, 800, and 400) settings reflected by the LED indicator colors; blue, purple, and red respectively.

The drivers do not need to be installed in order for this function to work properly.


  • Precision and Flexibility: 1600 DPI laser sensor with 1600/800/400 DPI settings out of the box.
  • Tracking speed of 30 inches per second and acceleration up to 20G.
  • Hardware DPI switch allows for driver-less DPI switch while in game without the hassle of drivers.
  • 16Kb Onboard Memory stores 1 profile of macros, dpi settings, and LED settings for gaming on-the-go.
  • Narrow and medium size ideal for users that prefer a thinner and lower profile form.
  • Ambidextrous design ideal for both left and right handed users.
  • LED on/off settings.
  • Teflon feet for effortless gliding on any surface.
  • 5 Key programmable mouse.
  • Immense customizability: Ability to modify default DPI settings individually, setup in-game macros, media keys, and X-Y sensitivity options.
  • Polling rate of 1000Hz.

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  • Uana

    Looks like a fairly average mouse with a pretty shell. They have too much competition from microsoft, razer etc.

  • Pendrive

    These need weight systems. thats all they need to add. maybe make a deluxe version of it…. ?

  • Terry

    Looks fantastic, but im happy with my MX518, the best mouse ever IMO

  • Thomas

    I like the looks a lot and people need to realise that its much cheaper than many of the high end gaming mice.

    I mean look at Razer, you could basically buy a CPU for the price of one of their high end mice today

  • Jermelescu

    Yeah, Razer mice are a bit expensive, but, trust me – they’re perfect for that amount of $.

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  • Stephen Ruxton

    if the body had some weight to it I would have liked it more but it’s not a bad mouse for the price

  • cruz1ale

    “Mouse body needs more weight.”

    Whether this is a con is highly subjective and shouldn’t be included as one in a review striving to be objective. If I could, I would have as light a mouse as materially possible while still being robust. The closest I’ve come to is MS Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1. It’s very light and it’s the best mouse I’ve used so far, despite lack of high polling rate, high DPI and side buttons.

    NZXT Avatar S looks like worthy mouse if it is well built and the sensor is reliable. I didn’t notice the review say whether the mouse has any prediction / angle snapping. Angle snapping straightens the direction of the sensor output in fast movements and while it may be useful in photo editing and such, it will decrease the accuracy of your mouse movement in FPS games.

    The remaining question, for me, is whether the mouse is comfortable. It looks comfortable as it has vertical sides which make it easy to lift, but I’d still have to test it to know better…

  • faith

    @cruz1ale: Old folk like KitGuru lay awake at night, dreaming back to the days of Microsoft Explorer mice with dirty big balls 🙂